Our Pricing Commitment

We are so certain that you will love what we offer your child that we are willing to have you attend without contracts or commitments!  You can cancel your child's sessions at anytime should you not be happy with what they are doing in class.  Zero charge or penalties for doing so!

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum starts with a basic introduction course and progresses through potentially up to 3 years of study for our students.  Students will achieve various levels along the way as they work towards completing our Jr. Software Engineer Designation!

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TechySchool is offering a live Free Trial with one of our teachers! Students and parents will have the opportunity to see EXACTLY what we offer and how we teach and support our students!

Level 1 - Intro 1

This 1 month Intro to Programming will introduce students to Our Jr. Software Engineer program. Students will be given a demonstration of the inner workings of our platform, the curriculum which they will be following, and details concerning the expectations which are set forth by the program. During this time, students will learn basic JavaScript inputs, and the manner in which they can affect the code.

Level 2 - Intro to Programming 2

​The  Introduction to Programming course teaches students the basics of programming with commands in a grid world where they will learn to perform various coding related tasks. Students will learn Basic JavaScript commands, functions, and control structures by solving puzzles and writing creative programs within this virtual environment. 

Level 3 - Web Design 1

​This is a project-based course that teaches students how to build their own web pages. Students will learn the languages HTML and CSS, and will create their own live homepages to serve as portfolios of their creations. Students will finish this course with tangible, professional, mobile responsive websites. 

Level 4 - JavaScript 1​

The JavaScript introduction to computer science curriculum teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.


Level 5 - Python 1

Introduction to Python course teaches students the basics of programming in this language. Just like the intro course, this course uses a digital world for various commands to draw scenes on a canvas. Students will learn Python commands, functions, and control structures by solving puzzles and writing creative programs.  The classes and objects mini course teaches students object oriented design as well.


Level 6 - Web Design 2

​A continuation from Web Design Level 1 and focuses on making an initial homepage. Students will take prior concepts and grow upon that knowledge throughout the duration of this program.This level will see the students completing their own full webpage plus supplemental activity and additional HTML Skills.


Level 7 - JavaScript 2

A continuation of JavaScript Part 1 and students will take their knowledge of graphics and be able to expand upon them. Students will use their static images, and learn how to create movement among them. Once this is completed, students will take these animated graphics and create two unique 2D games.


Level 8 - Python 2

The Introduction to Computer Science in Python course teaches the fundamentals of computer programming as well as some advanced features of the Python language. Students will develop an appreciation for how computers store and manipulate information by building simple console-based games. This course is equivalent to a semester-long introductory Python course at the college level. 


Level 9 - Virtual Reality (A-Frame)​

In this short course, students will learn how to build their very own virtual reality worlds using HTML and the A-Frame JavaScript library. Students can view their VR creations on the computer, through phones, or through an Oculus Rift. Get ready to be blown away by what you create!


Level 10 - Advanced Java​

Learn the basics of object-oriented programming with a focus on problem solving and algorithm development. Take this course and prepare to ace the AP Java test.

$100.00 Per Month

The entire program can be completed in as short as 2 years by a very advanced student working approximately 2 hours per week but each student will be different as to how quickly they learn and adapt to the curriculum. Ask about promos and discounts!

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