Our Pricing Commitment

We are so certain that you will love what we offer your child that we are willing to have you attend without contracts or commitments!  You can cancel your child's sessions at anytime should you not be happy with what they are doing in class.  Zero charge or penalties for doing so!

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Corporate Offices:
16945 Leslie St, #25

Newmarket ON L3Y 9A2

info@techykids.ca Tel: 1-877-875-2330

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Start by selecting your course or if you're unsure of what course to select then we'll connect and help you decide!

  • We start at the students pace

  • We use certified teachers

  • Support through live chat and video

Students work on their own Schedules!


Registration Steps


  • Complete the registration form and pick your preferred meeting day/time.  We will contact you to confirm introductory meeting times. 


  • Weekly video call: $150 Month

  • Bi-Weekly video call: $100 Month

  • Monthly video: $65 Month

  • Quick Start: $35 Month

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee Offer!

  • No Contracts or Commitments Required!  

Process After Registration:

  1. Our support team will contact you to confirm a date and time for your first video call with the students assigned teacher.

  2. During the initial teacher meeting we will show the student the platform that they will be working on, explain support options and pass along other contact details.

  3. Your next meeting will then be set and scheduled for moving forward.

  4. The teacher will conduct a midweek checkin to see how the student is progressing before the next scheduled meeting.