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Our Courses

We offer various course options for students and parents to choose from.  Our course packages are taught by certified teachers and adjusted according to the skill level and abilities of student. 

This course is designed for students and parents that are not sure where to start.  We focus on all disciplines including Java Javascript, Python, HTML and A-Frames. This exposes students to a variety of coding languages to better select future paths moving forward.

Coding Sampler

This course teaches students to build their Websites & Apps. Students will learn HTML, Python and CSS and will create their own live sites. Students will finish this course with tangible, professional, mobile responsive websites and apps!

Web & App Dev

The video game design course teaches the foundations of creating video games in JavaScript.  This course is designed for beginners but still teaches advanced topics. The course is highly visual, dynamic, and interactive, making it engaging for new coders. 

Game Developer

The AP (Advanced Placement) Coder course will cover a deep dive into all aspects of coding including HTML, Python and Java coding. Once completed, student will have completed the equivalent of a first year University course. 

AP Coder

Course Pricing Starting at Just $65 Per Month!


TechySchool is offering a Full One Week Trial with one of our teachers! Students and parents will have the opportunity to see EXACTLY what we offer and how we teach and support our students!

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